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I love to take photos, even from an early age I have enjoyed it and most of the time I would have a camera at hand, or at least near by, and I am still doing that. I hope you enjoy my work as that means allot to me. If there are any photos here that you would like as prints please don't hesitate to contact me, it goes a long way to help me to continue to produce even more images in the future. The link here and at the bottom of each page will take you to my Art Photography website for other photos and ordering.   Thank you  Russ Thorne Art Photography .

The Annual Burapha Bike Week Pattaya

This event is free, there are thousands of custom motorcycles and some cars on display too. Lots of products on display and food stalls you won't go hungry here. After the sun goes down there is some entertainment such as bike stunts and there are some live bands on stage.

Abandon Buildings in Thailand

During the 1997 Asian Finical crises money for new construction became scarce. This lack of money to fund construction projects left many projects at a standstill. Eventually the economy got better and little by little most of these projects got finished.

Beaches of Pattaya

One of the main features of Pattaya is its beach that streches about 3 kilometers. Allthough Pattaya is more known for it's nightlife the beach gives visitors some place to go during the day.

Buriram Province, Phnom Rung

Phnom Rung lies firmly in Thailand just a short distance from the Cambodia Thai border in eastern Thailand’s province of Buriram.

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