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Getting Your Internet in Pattaya

Internet in Thailand has really improved over the last 5 to 10 years. Over just the last few years alone fiber optic cables are being installed at a feverish rate. The big internet providers are now offering speeds of 50Mbps at below 1,000 Baht. I stream television programs to my computer without interruption or glitches all the time and I only have the 15Mbps package. When communicating with people from my home country using VOIP such as Skype I experience very little lag time, whereas a few years ago it was very noticeable.

In this day and age we all know that having good internet is an integral part of our everyday lives. Finding good internet service in Thailand is both easy and straight forward. Most providers will want a year commitment to install the service into your residence. To sign up you will need to bring along your passport, not a copy. You will need an extended visa such as a marriage or retirement visa. When I signed up I was asked to pay 6 months in advance and that was billed to me. If you have a Thai friend sign up for you I believe most of the time they will not have you pay so much in advance.

The process of choosing is easy, ask around the neighborhood. Your good neighbors can give you a much better idea of who is currently providing good service in your area.

So, you Don't want or need a year long commitment.

Most apartment buildings in Thailand these days have free internet as part of your rental package. But if you rent a condo or a house it may be up to you to obtain your own internet. One way to not have to commit to a year contract is WIFI, 3BB offers 30 days of WIFI at just over a hundred Baht per month. Check your smart phone or computer to see if they have service in your area, if so head down to the nearest 3BB office and get a your user name and password for 105 Baht. When I had it, torrents wouldn't download and it wasn't blazingly fast but it was good enough for Youtube and regular internet. Bear in mind the speed you get is going to depend on how strong the signal is and how many other people are using it.

Check often for upgrades to your internet service.

From time to time you will want to check for upgrades to your service. Internet service is always getting faster and there is fierce competition between the internet service providers. Seems like when one of the providers introduces a new faster, better package they all follow. I recently spotted my package with much higher speeds than I currently had. I went inside and asked if I could be upgraded and sure enough I could and when I walked out I had a much better package than before. The thing is you won't get upgraded automatically in most cases you really need to go in and ask. My package was 15/1.5 Mbps for 599 Baht mine got upgraded to 20/7 Mbps for the same 599 Baht. Remember they will not in most cases upgrade you automatically you need to ask.

Some Internet Services Here in Pattaya.

True Internet


The one I use

  Pretty good service with reasonable speeds, like most ISPs here In Thailand it can be good and it can get bad. It however never gets too slow and rarely goes down, good value for the service you get. you can also get many other services with True such as Cable TV and mobile phone service. Currently they are advertising 30/10 Mbps for 599 plus vat. I am currently a true subscriber and have seen consistient speeds of to 35Mbps.

3bb Broadband

 Good value sometimes blazingly fast sometimes slow. In some areas of town it is fast as hell and others are slow. Customer service is pretty good. Ask neighbors how their service performs. Currently they are offering 50/10 Mbps for 700 Baht

 No contract needed 99Baht +vat a month unlimited. Not the fastest but fast enough for youtube and such. I do believe torrents are blocked on this system. Look on your WIFI connections if you see "@ 3BB_dtac_wifi" with a good signal then you can get internet for 99Baht a month. No paperwork or contracts. Check here for more info many ways to sign up even right from your mobile phone.

Triple T or TT and T

 I think on par with the many other ISPs I have never heard anything bad about them but personally I have no experience with them..

Cat Telecom Public Company Ltd

Most reliable, if you have to depend on a solid connection this is the one to get. No hype with excessive speed advertisements, just rock solid connections with no BS. You will pay more but again very dependable. Their website is mostly in Thai and hard to navigate.

Banglamung CATV internet

A local cable based internet service provider. I had this at one time and their customer service was great. Speeds were good and uptime was also acceptable.

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