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Affordable healthcare in Thailand.

People come to Thailand from all over the world to have medical procedures done that they could not otherwise afford back home. For us that are retired and living here affordable health care is just one reason for living here. My first medical experience here was when I had a fall and hurt my shoulder. I went to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, I was admitted, x-rayed, and saw the doctor, all in under thirty minutes, and this was all non emergency. Another pleasant surprise was the bill that only came out to sixty dollars including medications. Since then prices have gone up a little but still well below what you would pay in the west. So if you don't want to pay sixty thousand dollars to have that old gall bladder removed then Thailand is a good choice.

Many people come to Thailand to have cosmetic surgery done at one fourth the cost of back home. In fact the money they save will more than pay for all of their vacation expenses with money left over. Another good thing is while you are recovering you don't have to go through all those questions from your friends. So you say you need your eyelids done, maybe you need a vacation, and maybe you want to recover away from home, then come on over.

A few Hospital Links

World class health care, excellent staff, modern facility and state of the art equipment.

In the heart of Pattaya. excellent health care.

Hospital in a garden setting, again excellent care, centrally located

No web site. Good health care for very little money Ph. 038-428-135

World class hospital in Bangkok

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

Perhaps the best hospital in the area, very modern and well staffed. I have had 2 personal experiences here. The first one was a shoulder injury and all went well treatment was good and a good value as well, this was in 2003. The next one was a CAT scan where everything went well but the bill was double what I was quoted it would be, so watch out.

Pattaya Memorial Hospital

As mentioned this is in the heart of Pattaya just off Second Road and Pattaya Central. I have had two experiences here but not personal. It seems to me that the treatment was good and the bill was reasonable. The facility is aging but is well maintained.

Pattaya International Hospital

I have heard this hospital referred to as hospital in a garden. While I have no personal experience with this hospital, I have had no bad reports, so they must be ok.

Banglamung Hospital

I have had one occasion to be here and I have to say it was OK. This is a goverment run hospital and I would say it is well run. The treatment I received was fair to good, the biggest surprise is how small the bill was.

Queen Sirikit Hospital near Sattahip
I had a procedure performed here and it was done very professionally and at a very reasonable price. This facility sprawls like a college campus and it is easy to get lost in. If you need a major checkup this is the place to go if you got the time to make the 40 minute journey. To get a major checkup you need to be there between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning. If it is your first time you should be there by at least  7:00AM to get your account established. It is very efficient as they do this by group from station to station. Be sure to bring your passport along.

Should we go to Thailand and get our drooping eyelids fixed.

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