Buying a House or Condo in Pattaya

Buying a home in Pattaya can at times be a challenging task. Furthermore there can be some risks associated with the purchase of a house or condo here in the land of smiles. Firstly a foreigner cannot legally own land or a house in Thailand. A foreigner can however own a condo. That said there are some ways a foreigner can own a controlling interest in a company that owns a house and land. There are also long term renewable leases from a Thai person or company that a foreigner can obtain.
    Condos can be owned by foreigners but there are a few stipulations to consider. For condo ownership by a foreigner to occur there must not be no more than 49 percent ownership in the building or project.

A few tips for you.

  • Use an agent to help you find just that right place, their services can be invaluable in new surroundings like Pattaya. They know their way around and often times they will do all the driving.
  •  If you know where you want to live and have the means to look around then you could save a little by for yourself.
  • Bring a Thai friend to help you negotiate. ;=).  If you call and do not speak native Thai then more than likely the price will go up.
  • Try to call signs that are written in Thai, prices tend to be lower if you are looking on your own..
  • Avoid places near the tourist areas. A nice novelty to be close to the action at first but soon gets old. You will also pay a premium

Here are some helpful Pattaya Real Estate links

Sunset in Nakluea, Thailand
Five Star Villas and Condos

This site seems to operate in the more upscale properties.


One Stop Real Estate Thailand

This site has been around for a long time. I can't tell if the site is being updated if at all, none of the listings show listing dates. The copyright notice at the bottom shows 2001-2010 so your guess is as good as mine. It is not at all mobile frendly, hard to read on smaller devices. I will more than likely remove it from the list.


Town & Country Property

This is a Rmax franchise. Landing page has a nice little Remax balloon that enters the page. Landing page also list the most recent properties. Also has a map of listed properties look for the map button upper right corner. I did not find a sort order function.


Pattaya Condo Guide

Huge database of properties at the time of my visit they claim almost 5,000 condos for rent or sale. The site represents many real estate companies and private owners. The database left me lost in a pool of properties that did not pertain to my search query, again no sort order function.


Siam Properties

Easy to navigate site, but I couldn't find a sort order function.


Thai Property Net

Nice website pretty easy to navigate. nice database functions


Pattaya Property Finder

Great looking site. Not a great deal of listings. Easy to use search but not very robust


Premier Homes

Very imposing landing page, I just did not know where to start. Appears to be out dated information.


Pattaya Realty

One of the best landing pages I have seen for the area, attractive but gets right down to business. Easy to use search and to top it off they have a sort function.


Thai Holiday homes

A dated looking site, no search function to speak of. Small photos of properties in sideshow format in property details. Can not tell when information is updated


Right Move Pattaya

Small site simple to navigate. I like the home page where it has the search function right in the middle of the page.

Sunset in Pattaya and a Thai fishing boat

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Sunset in Pattaya and a Thai fishing boat
Sunset in Nakluea, Thailand

Sunset in Pattaya and a Thai fishing boat

Sunset in Nakluea, Thailand
Sunset in Pattaya and a Thai fishing boat

Sunset in Nakluea, Thailand
Sunset in Pattaya and a Thai fishing boat

Sunset in Nakluea, Thailand
Sunset in Pattaya and a Thai fishing boat