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2019 Burapha Bike week Febuary 14--16, 2019 at the Outdoor Stadium Pattaya
It was a great event, the 2020 event promises to be better.

Photo Feb 14, 2019 I have more to come.

This event is held every Febuary and will be held this year from the 14th to the 16th of Feb 2019. There are no fees to attend or for parking. It is a good idea to bring sunblock and a hat if you are sensitive to the sun at all. As always in Thailand there will be plenty of food stalls at very reasonable prices, and lots of fun....

     This event starts on a Thursday and runs through Saturday evening. On Thursday, during the day some of the displays are still being setup but by evening things are in full swing. Most attendees arrive in the early evening to avoid the heat of the day. In the evening there are free concerts at an outdoor stage with good sound and lighting. I found the bands to be pretty good and nice to listen to, and remember it is all free. As you walk around you will find thousands of motorcycles on display from very small less than 50cc to huge bikes that sport car engines. Almost all the bikes are customized to fit each owners taste and personality. You would be hard pressed to find two bikes alike at this event.

     Also there are many vendor booths that

sell most any accessory pertaining to

motorcycles and driving motorcycles.

Also there are many food and beverage

vendors for when you get hungry and thirsty.

Below are some photos of the 2019 Burapha Bike Week it was a good event.

Here is the location of the Burapha Bike Week event, it is marked as Pattaya City Park, it will be in the same location in mid February 2020

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