Your survival guide to living in Pattaya Beach

Apartments for 600 dollars a month

In the realm of 600 to a 1,000 dollar a month apartments we have many more choices. Firstly you have many  more location choices, like an apartment near the beach. You may also get a high floor with an ocean view along with stunning sunsets. You will more than likely have a fully equipped gym free for your use included. Almost all of the apartment buildings in this price range will have a pool also free for your use.


I list here some of the hidden cost you may want to inquirer about              


  • What are the electrical rates per unit, while 6 Baht is pretty low 8 baht being more common    but the lower rent places may want as much as 11 or 12 Baht per unit. With some condos you may be able to pay the government rate which is just over 4 Baht per unit.
  • What are the water rates, where 25 Baht being on the low side and and 50 Baht being on the high end. Common usage is 3 to 5 units per person, a unit is a cubic meter equal to 265 gallons.
  • Is the Internet free or is there a fee, if there is a fee 200 Baht a month seems common but it is up to the owner. With your smart phone you can check signal strength at the room you are looking at to see if it is a good signal at that room. You may also want to ask if you can get your own Internet installed.
  • Is cooking with gas allowed, many owners don't allow it.


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