Activities to enjoy in and around Pattaya

Pattaya has so many things to do, and they don't all cost a fortune either. Golf is probably one of the most common and, if I had to guess I would say there are about twenty or so courses just within an hours drive of Pattaya. If golf isn't your thing then a short trip to the beach with a few friends might be better. Sight seeing is also a big draw to Pattaya and there are way too many sights to mention here on this page. To see all the sights you would need at least a year just to see most of them. Pattaya of coarse is world renowned for it's night life. Pattaya is probably best known for it's seedy night life but, everywhere you go there are also many places that couples can go also. Maybe you like the movies or like to listen to a band play your favorite tunes it's all here. What. I like most is having a few beers with my friends in the early evening, and discussing how we should keep this place all a secret. What I also find interesting is that when I am having a few beers is that I may be the only American present. I have friends from all over the world, so tonight I might be having a beer with a couple of German and a few Brits all at the same table. What does it cost for an evening of conversation and as much beer as I can drink, well in dollars about $3.63. Then if I had too much to drink it might cost another three dollars to have me and my motorbike driven home. I could spend much more if I wanted but why. Below I will list most of the activities that can be enjoyed while visiting or living in Pattaya.

Going to the beach

This is a great way to relax the day away. Eat, Drink, Sleep. Read, and socialize. This can be a very cheap day out of the house, the chairs cost about 50 Baht for the entire day. You can bring your own food and drink if you like or you can just order from the beach vendor.

Buddah Mountian

Huge Buddah image in gold on the side of a mountian, much better than it sounds it also has lush gardens to relax. Only a ten minute drive south of Pattaya

Million Years Stone Park

With more than 20 years in the making this attraction has much more than the name implies. Firstly it is a living museum with petrified trees more than a million years old. It also contains award winning Bonsai Trees, Thai styled trained trees over 200 years old. Beautiful collection of rare trees, flowers and more. Then there are the thousands of crocodiles, giant cat fish and much more than can be listed here.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

The photo really dosen't do this attraction justice. Simply put this place is huge. There is much more here than just a tropical garden. There are elephant shows where elephants themselves paint pictures and ride around on tricycles. there are exotic birds, a small zoo, and performing arts show plus much more to delight you. This in an all day outing so go early. Ten min south of Pattaya.

Sanctuary of Truth

This is an amazing structure. The Sanctuary of Truth is a huge wooden constructed structure it in itself covers an area of about 2 rais and reaches a hight of 105 meters or about 25 or 30 stories. Amazingly this wooden structure has to also withstand the salt air, wind, rain, lightning and the harsh sunshine. It is said that the building was constructed according to ancient Thai ways of building.

Scuba Diving

Coral reefs are spectacular here in Thailand

Pattaya Water park

Big water park. If you have visitors in town with kids then this is a great place to bring them. Many water slides, fountians and waterways.

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