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One of the great things about living in Thailand is the food, simply put it is delicious. In addition to that this delicious food is never very far away. You can literally step out your front door and odds are there is some sort of restaurant within eyesight. If that wasn’t enough you could stay at home and wait for the food to come to you. Yes, on any given day at least five food vendors will probably ride, pedal or even walk past your home. These mobile food vendors on their three wheeled contraptions beeping their little horns ply their trade with delicious meals ready for your eager pallet. They sell all kinds of cuisine from smoked rat to bar b queue pork chops to homemade ice cream, just kidding about the rat. At anytime during the day or evening, you can walk less than three minutes and arrive at some sort of restaurant. Almost all the restaurants in and around Pattaya serve some sort of western food along with their Thai dishes. I still recommend you try the Thai local food whenever you can. I myself have even had the rat, and I’m not kidding this time. The costs of a dinner at most of your neighborhood restaurants won't set you back much either. A made to order delicious dinner for two, may cost somewhere around six to ten dollars. During the day you can have a wonderful, satisfying lunch for less than two dollars per person, and breakfast for even less. Life is not all about living and dining on the cheap but we all like to save some money now and then.

For those times that fine dining with more atmospheres is your thing, Pattaya has more than its share of fine dining to offer. French, American, Italian, Indian, Thai or any other dining can be had in Pattaya. This town sports many world class hotel and restaurant chains. Among a few are the Amari Orchid Pattaya recently completed with its stunning architecture, The Marriot and the list goes on and on. If you thought Pattaya only had small little restaurants and bars, please think again.
Food chain Coffee houses and Donut shops can be found everywhere
resturants coffee shops and donut shops in pattaya beach thailand
Mobile food carts, these are everywhere in Pattaya. This one drives by my house everyday. Cost for an average lunch from these carts is about a dollar. They serve everything from grilled pork chops to sliced watermellon. One of my favorites is the icy cold sliced pineapple for about twenty-five cents.  

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